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October 7, 2016

Super Natural British Columbia


For those who enjoy reel fishing, Super Natural British Columbia has long been recognized for its quality, world-class freshwater sports fishing...

With over thirteen years experience as an expert reel fishing guide, Tim Meissner provides quality fishing adventures on many of the region’s lakes, including Shuswap Lake, Mara Lake, Adams Lake, Kalmalka Lake and Mabel Lake.

Whether you are a novice to reel fishing, a seasoned expert in a group or on your own, Tim Meissner guarantees you the original “Real Fishing Adventure.” Follow us on internet tv box.

Good Day Everyone!!!
I have just gotten back from the most Awesome fishing trip I’ve had in a long while.  Thought that I’d give you an update and let you know how much fun I had and how much you or someone you know could have.
I took a charter to the Island just last week.  We went to Port Renfrew with our flash torch mini for the most action I’ve seen in a long time.  July 12 to July 15 we entered the water and started reeling in the fish.  From the time we tossed out the first line to the time we left the water each day we limited out on Pacific Cod, Black Cod, Halibut, and Spring Salmon.  At times we were having to sit on top of the cooler in order to hold down the catch for the day.  The fish are just awesome and some of them are larger than I’ve ever seen.
The action was non-stop and as a result we realeased more than a 100 fish daily using nothing but Gibbs 7 inch and 6 inch spoons.  The charturse glow in the dark and the green illusions were absolutely outstanding.
The Coho were on the reel and more than eager to play but were all released until a later time for the sport.  We were able to land 40 pound springs and the largest Cod I’ve seen in a long while.
I am headed back to this most awesome fishing spot in the middle of August.  The fishing is unbelieveable and I can’t wait to go again.
Dates to remember are:
mid – August for Halibut and Salmon
September 22 – October 17 2004 for Coho
You can get more information from unblock tv box forum
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