Last Saturday I went for a medical check-up. Inevitably, I experienced the “privilege” of recognizing all the color blindness patterns. Finally, the doctor simply wrote down the words “red and green color blindness” in the result box.

The first time I realized that I was colorblind was probably during my primary school checkup, when the doctor asked me to identify one colorblind test after another with the eyes of a monster. The eyes changed from strange to mocking, from expecting me to say right to expect me to say wrong, and finally everyone around me was laughing, including teachers and classmates.

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I was less concerned with the sudden malice, because I was more concerned with why others could see the pattern in the picture and I could not. Later, when he went home to find out, he was relieved to know that he had inherited it. I deliberately looked up the definition of color blindness, my severity should be considered color blindness, not color weakness.

But folks, that doesn’t mean my world isn’t colored… Don’t exaggerate.

In everyday life, 99% of the time, I don’t realize that this color is wrong unless someone asks me. I should be only red and green color blind, blue I am very sensitive. And even if it’s red and green, I can tell it apart if it’s saturated enough, not if it’s the exact same color.

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The only thing I remember that I can feel the difference with others is that when I go to the scenic spot, others will say how beautiful the color of this flower is. I will react. Is it pink or purple? Usually buy clothes can distinguish, if ambiguous to ask the salesman, basically not too much, will not say that the pure green into pure red.

The traffic lights are completely distinguishable, I see something like a red and gray light (close to a red and white light), because the red light is very bright to me, and the green light is very dark. Fry stocks look at the K line is really not clear, can not see the rise or fall, but if the background tone into a dark color, immediately distinguishes… Thanks for the Dark or Color Blind mode, or goodbye to investing.

Every time someone caught me misidentifying a color, I was asked “what color is this?” or “what color is that?” many times in succession, either out of pure curiosity or out of obvious malice. In fact, I don’t know that the other side is expecting me to say wrong and laugh at me, but my heart is relatively big, cooperate with others to meet a small psychological, I also have no loss.

There are many glasses available to correct color blindness, which, once put on, allow you to see the world as normal people see it. I brought a pair once and found… It’s pretty much the same, to be honest, it’s pretty much what I usually

It should be only when the situation like the color blindness test diagram is a real visual disorder. For example, a little red in the green cluster, a little pink in the purple cluster, and so on, which also explains why I only go to the scenic area to see the flowers will be confused, because the green is far more than red.

Vision is a perception, and if I had never known about my color blindness, I would probably have always assumed that everyone saw the same thing as me. And color is also defined by people. If no one ever told you cinnabar is red, but this one is green when you were young, would you think he is green? Intentively trained cognition is hard to change, and if our parents didn’t teach us color from an early age, we would have no concept of color at all. (At this point, I am terrified that color blindness is a cross genetic disease… So was the color my mother taught me wrong from the beginning?

In general, I don’t care much about color blindness. I am a front-end engineer, and I prefer the direction of data visualization. Theoretically, I need to be very sensitive to color, but in reality, even if I am not sensitive, I will not affect my daily work. Want to advise me to back the RGB value of the previous predecessors said: elder brother, really not necessary